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With 350 highly trained staff members ranging from EMT’s, paramedics, licensed paramedics, flight paramedics, registered nurses, and support personnel, Hidalgo County Emergency Service Foundation brings the unmatched abilities to promote, extend, and save lives in the Rio Grande Valley, a major metropolitan region with an estimated population of 1.4 million residents or more.

Hidalgo County EMS services 90 percent of Hidalgo County residents, from pediatric to geriatric patients – and every person in between. It is this high level of dedication to life-saving public service that inspires Hidalgo County EMS and its sister company, South Texas Air Med.

Our Fleet

Hidalgo County EMS/South Texas AirMed have more than 100 ambulances, wheel chair vans, supervisor units, as well as a communications bus used for disasters, and a special operations trailer equipped for mass casualty incidents, and two fixed wing Beechcraft King Air 90 air ambulances dedicated to emergency transfers.

Hidalgo County EMS features ground transport services through its fleet of MICUs, which stands for Mobile Intensive Care Unit. An MICU is generally defined as a specially designed vehicle with the capacity for providing emergency care and life support to those severely injured or ill at the scene of an accident or natural disaster while transporting them to a medical facility where life-saving treatment may continue.

South Texas AirMed provides its critical care medical services through its pair of sophisticated fixed wing air ambulances. 

Hidalgo County EMS/South Texas AirMed have launched the availability of ground critical care units and fixed wing propellor aircraft ambulance services, which are unmatched in our medical profession in the Valley. They are the first 911 and patient transfer firm south of San Antonio which has this superior quality of services. They are licensed and recognized by the Texas Department of State Health Services, and their MICU licensed ambulances are equipped with the latest technology.


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